Laraine decorative wall lamp

Laraine decorative wall lamp

Laraine is a wall lamp with a composition of real wooden branches on an acrylic plate. The light diffuses through the layers of fabric, paper and acrylic, resulting into a relaxing ambiance in the room.

The wooden branches we use, are different from one to another. Also, the way we put them together always produces a lamp that is a little bit different and unique at the same time.

Recommended uses
Designed for a more minimal home decoration, Laraine is based on the idea that an object can be visual art and yet, supplementary decorative lighting. A great place to put it is right above the sofa or any other side of the living room, horizontal or vertical. Also, it will be quite impressive above the headboard in your bedroom.

Vinyl covered wooden body and aluminum mounting. A thick layer of proofing material is used for the acrylic plate finish. The lamp comes ready to hang either in portrait or landscape.

150,5cm/4,9ft (L) x 15,3cm/6in (W) x 6cm/2,3in

Chocolate brown

fotistiko-beige-cream fotistiko-orange-color-warm fotistiko-red-color-warm fotistiko-green-color-bright
Beige – Orange – Red – Green

Light bulb type
Warm white 35W/240V T5 fluorescent (non dimmable) tube lamp (included). The lamp comes with a 2m (6,5ft) lead power cord with an inline on/off switch.

Fabric power cord in various colours

Laraine wall lamp is made in Hellas, EU, by Artease Design Lab. It’s made for indoor use only and is in compliance with the EU regulations and CE marked. All electrical components are also UL listed. Artease Design Lab gives a full 3-year warranty, regarding manufacture failure of any of its components.