A second chance

Renovation is giving new life to your home. Ergonomic and styling problems of the past
can now be fixed based on a whole new approach much closer to your needs today.
This is your chance to make structural changes, like increasing the size of a small bedroom
or creating discreet openings to bring extra daylight into the living room.
We make use of empty spaces by providing useful tricks for storage and organization.
We optimise your home by releasing vital space and creating a more stylish and functional habitat.


When it comes to home styling,  the latest trends bring the walls in the center of attention.
″Ombre″ effects have replaced texture finishing and traditional wall papers have given way to floral murals.
Even if it’s not time for groundbreaking changes, repainting the walls would make
a significant change to your home styling as well as to your mood.


The definition of home styling always includes the visual pleasure of an integrated,
well balanced space. Your home will get a new, sophisticated look with carefully
picked furniture fabrics, carpets and textiles.

Whether you are a romantic type or you appreciate discreet elegance,
Artease Design Lab creates home interiors that reflect your personality.